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Investor Relations

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Contacts: Shaun Kennedy, Bianca Simeone

Pre-August 2006 Unclaimed Dividents 

Shareholders of Associated British Ports Holdings (company number 01612178 ) prior to August 2006 may be entitled to receive payment for any dividends which have been unclaimed. Computershare maintain the register of unpresented dividends on behalf of ABPH and should be contacted for support in identifying whether any unclaimed amounts are owed to you. If you are a previous employee of ABPH, please contact our payroll services in the first instance.

For further information, please contact Karen Garrad at: or payroll at: To assist with the process, please provide any of the following shareholder information which may be known to you: full name, date of birth, national insurance number, current address, address during employment/time of share purchase, the number of shares concerned and any amounts owed if known.  

Please note that under the Limitations Act 1980, all unclaimed dividends issued by Associated British Ports Holdings will become statute barred on 28 April 2018, being twelve years from the last dividend payment date.