Waste Management Plan

Waste Reception


All vessels, however small, generate waste of some description. The waste may be oil, noxious, cargo residues, kitchen waste, sewage or garbage. The Marpol 73/78 Convention aimed at preventing all types of pollution entering the rivers and seas, governs the safe and responsible disposal of this waste.

The Merchant Shipping (Port Waste Reception Facilities) Regulations as amended requires all ports, terminal and marinas throughout the UK to produce a plan detailing how they organise and provide port reception facilities for Marpol designated waste. Each port operator is required to prepare a plan for the approval by the local office of the Maritime and Coastguard Agency. These plans detail how the operators organise and provide port waste reception facilities. 

Guidance can belocated in MGN 387 (M+F)

A copy of the Port  Waste Mangement Plan can be found here. The Plan has been approved by the MCA 21st October 2016

Port Waste Management plan Certificate can be found here.