Berths & Facilities

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Berth Information

Outside of Dock Entrance (Tidal):

  • Deep Water Berth Length: 107m

Ramsden Dock Basin Entrance Breadth: 36m

Ramsden Dock Basin (Semi-Tidal):

  • Berth #1 Length: 115m (Pontoon: Used For Small Craft Only)

  • Berth #2 Length: 152m (Currently Not In Use)

  • Berth #3 Length: 126m (Suitable for Heavy Lift)

  • Berth #4 Length: 128m (Unsuitable For Heavy Lift)

Ramsden Dock Lock (For Transit to Ramsden Dock Berths) Length: 200m Breadth: 30m

Anchor Line Basin (Non-Tidal):

  • Berth #5 Length: 210m

  • Berth #6 Length: 275m

  • Berth #7 Length: 73m

  • Berth #8 Length: 255m

  • Berth #9 Length: 154m

Town Quay Length: 695m

ADEB Berth Length: 44m


Normal Vessel Acceptance Dimensions

Total Quay Length




Approx. DWT

2,690 m

150 m

35 m

10m Max

10,000 T

For further information, including the suitability of berths for particular vessels and cargoes, please contact the Barrow Marine team. Contact details can be found in the 'Marine Contacts' tab or here.