Pilotage Information

Pilotage is available 24 hours a day subject to conditions below. Vessels wishing to enter the dock system are subject to the tidal entrance gate limitations. The gate opens, on request, 21/2 Hours before High Water and closes at, or shortly after, High Water. 

Barrow Tide Tables 2019


The CHA directs that on and from the coming into force of these Directions pilotage for the following vessels shall be compulsory when entering, leaving or moving within the CHA Pilotage Area:

  • All vessels more than or equal to 50m LOA
  • Vessels carrying more than 12 passengers
  • Vessels carrying dangerous substances

The pilot embarkation/disembarkation position is Lightning Knoll, Latitude 53°59.8’N Longitude 003°14.2’W


Inward Bound Vessels:

  • A Pilotage Notification for each inward bound vessel shall be sent to Barrow Port Radio at least 24 hours before the vessel’s anticipated arrival at the Pilot Boarding Station and must include the vessel’s ETA at the Pilot Boarding Station.

Outward Bound Vessels:

The complexity and nature of the Port requires vessels to communicate early and clearly with the Port in the departure process, in order to ensure pilot vessel crew, tug crew and Authorised Pilot availability. As such the following requirements must be met by each outbound vessel:

  • A Pilotage Notification shall be sent via email for each outward bound vessel to the address as detailed above at least 12 hours before the expected tide on which the vessel intends to leave;
  • The Port (via Barrow Port Radio) will then notify the vessel of the time in which the Authorised Pilot should board the vessel (the “POB”). The POB is normally 2.5-3 hours before high water, unless operational circumstances at the Port dictate otherwise;
  • A further Pilotage Notification must be sent from the departing vessel via Barrow Port Radio 1 hour before the POB, confirming intention to depart the Port and departure draught.


Barrow Marine Control (24 Hours)

Telephone +44 (0) 1229 615900

Email barrowmc@abports.co.uk

VHF 'Barrow Port Radio' channel 12