Vessel Arrivals

To comply with the Consolidated European Reporting System (CERS) vessels, that meet the below requirements, are required to notify their arrival at least 24 hours in advance. 

  • All ships of 300 gross tonnage and above, when bound for a UK port, are affected by a ship notification requirement prior to entry into port that applies at least twenty-four hours in advance of their arrival.

  • All fishing, traditional and recreational craft of 45 metres length and over, when bound for a UK port are affected by a ship notification requirement, prior to entry into port, that applies at least twenty-four hours in advance of their arrival.

  • All ships regardless of size, when carrying dangerous or polluting goods, either departing from or bound to a UK port are affected by the dangerous or polluting goods notification requirements.

ABP uses the Port And Vessel Information System (PAVIS) to notify the relevant authorities of a vessels arrival. The vessel, or the nominated agent, can register and enter the required arrival information through the ABP Notify website which can be found here. Please see the 'Regulations' page for further information on arrival formalities and Port procedures.

Vessel Arrivals (Under 300GT)

The following vessels are exempt from this reporting requirement but should still contact 'Barrow Port Radio' on VHF Ch. 12 to gain permission to enter the port:

  • Ships of less than 300 gross tonnage

  • Fishing vessels having a length of less than 45 metres

  • Traditional ships having a length of less than 45 metres

  • Recreational craft having a length of less than 45 metres

  • Warships, naval auxiliaries and other ships owned or operated by the Government of an EEA State which are used for non commercial public service

Smaller vessels, such as Windfarm Crew Transfer Vessels (CTVs) and similar, should submit a 'New Vessel Arrival' form to the Port in advance of their arrival. Vessels should note the requirements on the form to familiarise themselves with all relevant Port information that can be found on the marine website.

Download New Vessel Arrival Form