Together with our customers, our ports handle more than 1.5 million vehicles each year

Grimsby - Immingham - Southampton

Many of ABP's ports have the capability to handle vehicles and around 40% of all vehicles imported and exported by the UK are handled by an ABP facility.

Our major vehicle operations in Southampton, Grimsby and Immingham handle more than 1.5 million vehicles every year.

The Port of Southampton is the UK's number one vehicle handling port with around 840,000 vehicles passing over the quayside every year. The port is highly experienced in the handling of all sizes of vessel and roro cargoes, including heavy-wheeled vehicles and offers global connections provided by all major deep-sea and short-sea roro lines as well as five purpose built vehicle handling terminals.

With two roro berths in Alexandra Dock and The Grimsby River Terminal capable of accommodating vessels carrying up to 3,000 vehicles, the Port of Grimsby handles more than 500,000 imported vehicles each year.

Each port offers excellent facilities and road and rail links, storage facilities for vehicles in quality compounds in close proximity to car plants and consumer markets. Our ports can also offer value-added services such as pre-delivery inspections and vehicle-enhancement work.

Our Commercial Team will help you find the right port and the right service for your business, and can support you in delivering all your key supply and logistics needs.

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