Port of Ipswich celebrates annual maritime festival

August 17, 2015

Left: ABP’s Port of Ipswich office opened its doors to the public for the first time as part of the Ipswich Maritime Festival.

ABP’s Port of Ipswich opened its office doors to the public for the first time over the weekend as part of the Ipswich Maritime Festival.

More than 3,500 visitors walked through the Port of Ipswich office at Old Custom House to learn about the port and visit an exhibition hosted by the Ipswich Maritime Trust.

The Ipswich Maritime Festival was reintroduced in 2010 and is organised by the Ipswich Borough Council in partnership with ABP, the Ipswich Maritime Trust, Ipswich Waterfront Action and local organisations and businesses.

The festival finished with the customary display of fireworks, marking the end of an incredibly successful weekend of celebrations of the maritime links between the Port of Ipswich, the successful Ipswich Waterfront centred around the Wet Dock, and the town of Ipswich itself.

ABP Short Sea Ports Director Andrew Harston said: "The Ipswich Maritime Festival is a fantastic event. Ipswich is a historic port town and this weekend is a great celebration of the links between the town and the port.

“Ipswich Borough Council have done a fantastic job organising this tremendous event."

Mr Harston also thanked the 21 ABP employees who volunteered to host the exhibition in the Old Customs House, as well as the Port of Ipswich team who were busy manning the lock.

ABP’s Ipswich Haven Marina team also took part in the festival, hosting many stands. Visiting yachts joined in the celebrations by being "dressed all over" and flying flags from their masts and rigging.