ABP lends a helping hand to restore Fleetwood lifeboat to its former glory

August 25, 2015

Left: The Ann Letitia Russell lifeboat back home in Fleetwood with marina assistants Daryl Randles, Simon Price and Will Taylor.

In her heyday she saved more than 150 souls. Now ABP has joined a community effort to save former Fleetwood lifeboat The Ann Letitia Russell.

The 41ft Watson Class lifeboat, served the waters of Fleetwood from 1939 to 1976 before being sold, moving to ABP’s fellow port of Lowestoft and falling into disrepair.

When local media reported on her condition in May this year, the community kick-started a campaign to restore her; and on Wednesday she was back on the road home to Fleetwood.

ABP’s teams at the ports of Lowestoft and Fleetwood have volunteered their time and ABP has gifted storage space to ensure the project is a success.

In Lowestoft, they lifted her onto the road transport at no cost and on Wednesday, crews in Fleetwood were on hand to move her into the marina dry compound where her restoration will take place.

ABP Short Sea Ports Director, Andrew Harston, said: “The Ann Letitia Russell lifeboat has a strong history in the seas off Fleetwood. I am extremely proud to have the staff of not one, but two, ABP ports volunteer to assist this worthwhile cause.”

ABP Port Manager North West, Paul Jervis, said: “The enthusiasm and tireless efforts of the Fleetwood community, particularly the Ann Letitia Russell Rescue Group, to get this project off the ground has been fantastic. The amount of work that has been achieved in three short months has to be commended.

“We are all looking forward to seeing her in her restored glory.”

Once the Ann Letitia Russell lifeboat is restored it is expected that she will be sited on the Fleetwood promenade.

If you would like to donate to the Ann Letitia Russell Rescue, please visit this website: http://www.visitfleetwood.info/about/history/ann-letitia-russell-lifeboat.php