Children of ABP employees remind us to 'do it right, every time' in new safety video

May 23, 2016

“Do it right, every time…Because we want you to come home safe every day.”

This is the powerful message reinforced by the children related to ABP employees in the company’s latest safety video aimed to promote a zero harm culture in the workplace.

The video is part of the company’s latest health and safety initiative, Beyond Zero - a long-term journey to create a behaviour-based safety culture within ABP.

Since its launch, Beyond Zero has been actively promoted across ABP’s 21 ports, creating a conversation about what it takes to achieve zero harm across the business.

It is about preparing the job, carrying out the job and finishing the job right every time which is critical to achieving the goal of no accidents at ABP.

ABP’s future film stars, 11 children aged between three and 13 years, were dressed in PPE “just like mum and dad” to get across the simple and pointed message: “Do it right, every time!”

The video was developed by ABP's Corporate Communications team and filmed at the ports of Newport and Cardiff as well as Head Office in London.

Corporate Communications Coordinator Ann-Maree Andritsakis said: "Working with the children of our employees to get across this really important safety message has been an absolutely fantastic experience; they're all super stars!

“A workplace accident can have such a devastating effect on one’s family and friends. The purpose of this video is to demonstrate that we need stop and think about what we do and how we do it, because the consequences will affect loved ones.”

ABP South Wales Marine Operations Manager Rod Lewis, whose two children Lizzy, and Ellen (aged five and seven respectively) took part in the film, said: "Communicating messages on safety is challenging but inviting the kids to take part in this was a really innovative idea. The kids absolutely loved it and I think the outcome is something we can all be really proud of.”

The video is now available to view on our YouTube page here:
Please contact ABP Corporate Communications if you would like a copy of the video.