Pirate-themed bonanza weekend draws crowds to Ipswich Haven Marina

August 19, 2016

Ipswich Haven Marina staff and berth holders get into the pirate-themed fun at this year’s Ipswich Waterfront Celebration.

ABP’s Ipswich Haven Marina has joined in on the fun and hosted a pirate-themed bonanza weekend at the Ipswich Waterfront celebration.

The Ipswich Haven Marina, which has 320 berths and 30 dedicated visitor berths, hosted a fun-filled weekend to complement waterfront celebrations organised by the Ipswich Borough Council.

The theme proved popular with the community and visitors to the area, drawing in plenty of curious people passing by.

Ipswich Haven Marina Manager Linda Pipe said: “The marina is a vibrant part of the Ipswich community. Our pirate theme was a fantastic way of getting the community involved with the marina, and a great opportunity for the staff and berth holders to participate in a fun weekend.”

The Ipswich Haven Marina is located at the head of the River Orwell and has been the holder of five gold anchors since 2005.

In 2015, ABP welcomed more than 25,000 visitors to the marina facilities and Wet Dock. Of the total 5,300 yachts to sail into Ipswich last year, 4,800 visited the Ipswich Haven Marina.