Large vessels now visit reconstructed Lowestoft Town Quay

October 6, 2016

Offshore support vessel Wilchief 1 at the Port of Lowestoft. The reconstruction of Town Quay has made it easier for larger vessels to enter the port.

A £4.5m investment into Lowestoft’s Town Quay is reaping benefits as larger vessels servicing the offshore wind sector are now able to make use of the reconstructed facility.

Town Quay at the Port of Lowestoft was reconstructed last year by ABP, making it stronger, deeper and suitable to support the offshore wind and renewable energy industry. This includes allowing larger vessels to pass through the Bascule Bridge and take advantage of the deep water berth.

The port recently welcomed Wilchief 1, an offshore support vessel which arrived at Lowestoft for a diving inspection.

The 78m long vessel, with a draught of 5.2m, was safely navigated by ABP’s marine team through Town Quay and into the port where divers carried out their operations.

ABP Short Sea Ports Director Andrew Harston said: “The successful arrival of the Wilchief 1 at the Port of Lowestoft clearly demonstrates the skill of our marine team in handling large vessels through the Bascule Bridge and, more importantly, handling such modern offshore support vessels which are ideally suited to Town Quay and is why ABP invested in its reconstruction.

“With the growth in the renewable offshore wind industry near Lowestoft, coupled with increasing ship sizes, ABP will continue to work hard to secure business in the industry and ensure Lowestoft is well-positioned as the key marine service hub for the sector.”