ABP Humber employee clocks up half a century milestone

August 11, 2017

The longest standing ABP Humber employee celebrates clocking up half a century of service.

Harry Neville, Marine Operator at the port of Goole, was awarded a long service award of £2,000 by Humber Director, Simon Bird, to recognise his longevity and dedication to the company.

Out of 1,000 employees on the Humber, Harry is the longest serving, with only one other employee close to reaching this milestone.

Harry has held various roles over the years including bridge man, dry dock foreman and dock porter.

“When I think about it ABP has been part of my life for so long, however time has flown by so quickly!” said Harry, 66, who was born in Goole and recently moved to Hornsea.

“I enjoy my job bringing ships into the locks and swinging bridges and I’ve made so many friends over the years. As long as I feel good I’ll keep going and I don’t plan to retire just yet.”

Over the years Harry has seen the privatisation of the port, formerly British Transport Docks Board until it was privatised and renamed ABP in 1981, advanced technology to help load and discharge cargo more efficiently and an increase in safety equipment.

“When I started in 1967 as a bridge lad I ran errands around the port and put lamps on bridge barriers at night,” Harry added.

“There was no such thing as hard hats and high visibility clothing… however now we have to wear it all including glasses, gloves and steel toe cap boots.

“It’s given me a good life and I wouldn’t want to do anything different.”

Simon Bird, Director of Humber ABP, is proud to support such a milestone. He said: “We cannot thank Harry enough for the contribution and effort he has put into the company over the years.

“In the future we hope to see these special achievements more often as we work towards making ABP a great place to work. One of the ways we are succeeding with this already is through our calendar of social events for employees and their families.”