A Warm Welcome at the Port of Southampton

October 19, 2017

A NEW LED illuminated sign has been installed at the Port of Southampton to ensure visitors receive a warm welcome at the UK's No 1 port for export.
The sign, which is positioned at Dock Head on the QE11 Terminal building, replaces an out of date version and extends a welcome to Southampton - Gateway to the World.
At 11.5m length by 3.5m high the sign is the equivalent size of a double decker bus
Director Alastair Welch, said: "One of the reasons why we opted for a back-lit sign was to ensure vessels arriving in the early morning and during the night will be able to see the sign and feel welcome.
"Using LED ensures the sign can be easily seen and it is more environmentally friendly."
Every year 68,000 vessels including some of the largest in the world, visit the Port of Southampton. In automotive alone, we are the Heathrow of the seas. The Port of Southampton is the UK's hub for automotive with 9 lines undertaking 110 calls to 52 ports in 40 countries every month – a huge asset for the UK.