Port of Garston collaborates with Government agencies for emergency planning exercise

November 15, 2017

Caption: ABP Garston team takes part in emergency training exercise

ABP’s Garston team has participated in a full-day oil spill emergency planning exercise in order to improve incident response times and demonstrate its readiness to deal with similar incidents as part of the regular emergency incident training undertaken by ABP.

As part of a series of exercises based on oil spill scenarios ABP staff collaborated closely with relevant Government agencies as well as Peel Ports in order to ensure improved performance during safety drills.

Trevor Boyes, ABP Garston Port Manager, said: “Safety and protection of the environment are key priorities for ABP and we regularly inspect and maintain all areas of the port and equipment to ensure it is in good condition and ready to be deployed. During this exercise, we appreciated the opportunity to work with the other agencies and test our systems, procedures and equipment so that we are able to co-operate effectively in the event that we ever had to do this for real.

“We are committed to conducting regular safety drills, which allow us to test the emergency plans we have in place in order to ensure the wellbeing of our team, customers and the wider public.”