ABP Barrow invites local pupils to learn more about how to help marine wildlife

June 27, 2018

Caption: Pupils from Barrow Island Community Primary school decorate bird boxes during their visit to the Port of Barrow

ABP colleagues at the Port of Barrow have welcomed a group of pupils from Barrow Island School for a workshop on how communities can help protect marine wildlife.

A group of 33 pupils aged between 6-8 years enjoyed an introduction to the wealth of wildlife found in their historic port, including different species of fish, birds, invertebrates and marine mammals. The children also learned that weasels and lizards are often spotted at the port, with the occasional seal visit.

The group also learned about ‘Henry the Lobster’ one of the port’s most infamous inhabitants, who has been living in Cavendish Dock for many years. Sometimes when divers get too close to Henry’s home, he chases them away, reminding them that they share the dock with wildlife neighbours.

The children then designed wildlife-inspired posters on the theme ‘Watch out for Wildlife.’ To help build new homes for animals, pupils were encouraged to decorate bird boxes, bird feeders and bug boxes to be placed around the port estate.

Carl Bevan, ABP Divisional Port Manager, North West, said: “We believe that the diversity and multitude of marine life is a measure of a healthy port environment. Our port is home to a wide range of creatures great and small. As a port, Barrow always makes sure that its neighbours from the animal kingdom and their habitats are considered in everything that we do.

“ABP is passionate about inspiring a new generation to understand and protect the UK’s rich ecosystems.”

ABP’s Port of Barrow, together with Silloth, Garston and Fleetwood, is part of the North West division of ABP, and together they contribute £550 million to our economy. ABP continues to invest in the future of the North West by funding projects such as the extension to ABP’s Port of Garston’s Yara terminal, which was opened in December last year.