ABP Troon supports local community coastal rowers

July 26, 2018

ABP’s Port of Troon has provided free workshop space to Troon Coastal Rowing Club, allowing enough room for a two-man boat to be constructed by the local community.

With the help of increasingly good summer weather, coastal rowing is becoming more popular and is booming in many seaside communities across the UK, including Troon.

On its completion, the new boat, a two-man skiff, will join the club’s two four-man skiffs providing opportunity for even more people to get involved in the club and the sport. The new boat is expected to be built and made ready within the next three months.

Coastal rowing is a sport that can be enjoyed by people of all abilities and ABP always encourages people of all ages to get out onto the water. For the Troon coastal rowers, all the boats used have been built by members of the local community and the club regularly competes against other clubs in the region and beyond.

Speaking about the recent project, Stuart Cresswell, Port Manager for Ayr and Troon said: “It’s great to see that practical interest in our maritime heritage is still genuinely alive and kicking, and we are very happy to support the efforts being made by members of the local clubs and communities to encourage sports out on the water.”

Harry Risk, current President of the Troon Coastal Rowing Club, said: “We would like to thank ABP for their generosity in giving us the space to build our third skiff. Without the support they have given us, our club would struggle to move forward in this, one of the fastest growing sports in Scotland.”