ABP Southampton boosts air quality monitoring at the port

July 27, 2018

The Port of Southampton has more than doubled its coverage of air quality monitoring across the port in a bid to gain a more detailed picture of where to target improvements.

ABP Southampton already analyses air quality data from monitors installed around the port and has nearly a year’s worth of data. Introducing these additional monitors positioned at key locations will strengthen the existing dataset, giving an even clearer view of where measures could be implemented to further improve air quality in the city.

By working with the council, the port community and partners, ABP Southampton is working to understand the port’s contribution to Southampton’s local environmental challenges and has recently launched its own Air Quality Strategy, in a commitment to delivering significant improvements.

ABP Southampton Director Alastair Welch said: “This investment is just the latest part of our plan to help deliver cleaner air in the city. We’re keen to build an even better understanding of air quality in and around the port.

“Air quality has steadily improved across the UK over the last 30 years and we’ve recently set out our plans to accelerate these improvements to help Southampton reach targets set by the Government for nitrogen dioxide emissions.

“We’re working with the council to better understand their data and installing additional air quality monitors will help us build an even better picture of air quality here at the port.”

ABP Southampton plans to publish data from the first set of monitors installed later this year.