ABP South Wales gives swarm a bee-utiful new home at Cardiff docks

Left: Callum Couper, Port Manager, ABP South Wales during the bee rescue.

A swarm of bees that was found on a quayside crane at the Port of Newport has been moved to a new home at Queen Alexandra Lock, Cardiff.

Queen Alexandra Lock, at the Port of Cardiff, is already home to five hives, which Port Manager and resident beekeeper, Callum Couper, has looked after over the past five years.

Callum Couper, Port Manager, ABP South Wales said: “We are passionate about protecting the flora and fauna that live in an around our ports. Recovering the swarm at the Port of Newport and safely transporting it to its new home at the Port of Cardiff was very satisfying, as bees are extremely important to the entire ecosystem.

“This rescue shows that our South Wales seaports aren’t just for ships, multimodal transport is also supported, whether you have wings or wheels. This isn’t my first bee rescue, and it probably won’t be my last!”

The rescue was timely as it coincides with National Marine Week which is being held between 28th July and 12th August 2018. National Marine Week is The Wildlife Trust’s annual celebration of wildlife found in and around our seas.