ABP Barrow welcomes first electric vehicle as part of its journey towards reducing emissions

October 31, 2018

New electric vehicle is delivered at the Port of Barrow

A new zero-emissions support vehicle has been purchased by the Port of Barrow to reduce the usage of diesel vans on the estate and lower the carbon footprint of operations.

The vehicle will be used to carry watering gear such as standpipes & hoses around the port to support shipping operations. It has been supplied by Barton Townley Ltd Barrow, one of the longest established local family car dealership businesses in the area.

This latest investment highlights ABP’s commitment towards reducing emissions and follows the purchase of 13 electric Nissan vehicles for the Port of Southampton, which was announced last year.

Carl Bevan, ABP Divisional Port manager – North West, said: “As one of our town’s major employers and largest employment sites, we are keen to play an active role is securing Barrow’s greener future.

“The introduction of this new electric vehicle to Barrow’s fleet will help towards improvements in local air quality, whilst also reducing the running costs of port operations, helping us to operate more efficiently.”