Operation Thunder Wing launched to improve road safety at the Port of Southampton

May 22, 2019

Hampshire Police and the DVSA (Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency) joined ABP staff at the Port of Southampton this week to launch operation ‘Thunder Wing’.

This multi-agency operation is part of a wider initiative to improve road safety around the port. The operation included vehicle inspections as well as random stops.

ABP Southampton’s General Manager Craig Barbour and Health & Safety Compliance Manager Colin French also took part in the event.

Craig Barbour said: “Safety is a key priority for ABP at the Port of Southampton and we know that this sentiment is shared among the port community. We’re keen to work with our employees and partners to ensure it remains a priority for everyone. Operation Thunder Wing is an important part of wider plans to further improve safety on the port.”

PC David Blake, of the Commercial Vehicle Unit, said: “This was a successful operation between the ports and the Constabulary’s Commercial Vehicle Unit with the aim of improving safety within the port area.

“The operation targeted vehicles which use the port, but are not solely based there. A number of vehicles were stopped and checks were carried out with regards to the drivers’ hours compliance, mechanical condition of the vehicles, load security, stolen vehicle identification and fuel testing.

“We found a number of minor breaches of drivers’ hours regulations and several more serious breaches which resulted in the issuing of graduated fixed penalty notices.

“The general mechanical condition of the 17 vehicles stopped was found to be good and some load security education was given.”

The port sees more than 5,000 vehicle movements across 22km of road network each day highlighting why driver safety is so important.

With regular random speed checks and fixed speed awareness signs the port is actively managing vehicle speed, with remains a key priority for ABP.